DEK Technologies has built a wide range of capabilities and experience to help clients take products from concepts to reality. Our strengths are our flexible ways of working combined with our highly skilled teams and many years of experience.


Software/Embedded design:

  • Embedded system design
  • Function design
  • Unit and block design
  • DSP design
  • Script programming
  • Experience with Intel and Freescale multi-core processors


OpenStack, Oracle DB, SQL, MySQL, ENUX, Middleware, Virtualization (VirtualBox, XEN,KVM, LXC), Apache Web Server, Openflow, CoreMW, COM, LOTC, IMS, Blade Cluster, Wi-Fi


SIP, TCP/IP protocol suite, UDP, SCTP, TIPC NTP, H248, SNMP, NetConf, IEEE1588, DNS, DHCP, HTTP, FTP, BRBD, SDP, RTP, Telnet, LDAP, Diameter


Jira, Jenkins, Hansoft, GIT, Gerrit, Eclipse, Clearcase, JCAT, APS tools, Subversion, Alfresco, Redmine, RT, Mentor Graphics, Cadence, Request Tracker, MediaWiki, ECC, Winfoil, Tagtool, Sigma, pvlog, mercurial, TCL2000, Citrix, Wireshark, SVN, Coverity

Operating Systems

Solaris, Linux, ENUX, OSE, Windows, APZ OS, JCAT, Symbian, ulTRON, MAC OS, JUNOse, Android


C, C++, Erlang, Java, JavaScript/AJAX/jQuery, JavaEE, Python, Ruby, Perl Scripting, Bash Shell Script, JCAT, Expect Script, TCL, TTCN, PLEX, Assembly, Matlab, Verilog, VHDL, Prolog, Lotus , PHP

Product Maintenance and Support:

  • Fault report handling
  • Rapid problem solving and solution delivery
  • Responsible for Field Support including 24-hour support


Circuit board design:

  • High-speed board design and schematic entry
  • Hardware partitioning
  • Signal integrity and EMC analysis
  • Power estimation and simulation
  • Printed circuit board layout for critical high speed designs
  • Component and vendor selection

ASIC/FPGA design:

  • Chip architecture and partitioning
  • RTL design (verilog and vhdl)
  • RTL functional and timing simulation
  • Chip and system level simulation
  • Behavioural modelling
  • Synthesis and timing analysis
  • Place and route

Product Maintenance and Support:

  • Fault report handling
  • Rapid problem solving and solution delivery
  • Experience with field support


System Design and Technical Co-ordination

  • High-level system architecture design
  • System studies including pre-studies and feasibility studies
  • Requirements analysis and cost estimation
  • Technical co-ordination in projects and resolution of technical issues
  • Project audits


  • Comprehensive test planning and execution
  • Manual and automatic test case generation
  • Stress testing
  • System and function testing
  • Model-based testing
  • Test tool development
  • Software and hardware testing

Project Management

  •  PMP accredited project managers
  • Scheduling and resource allocation
  • Risk analysis
  • Project steering and reporting
  • Cost control
  • Quality control and reporting
  • Off-shore co-ordination activities


  •  25+ Agile teams
  • Improving mindset maturity and practices compliance
  • Coaching and external training (, DDLS, AxisAgile)
  • Focus on establishing long living, cross functional teams
  • Feature Product Owners
  • Mix of co-located and geographically distributed teams
  • Scrum & Kanban