“Proven over many and varied projects, DEK Technologies has the capacity to take each project from feasibility to reality.”


DEK Technologies doesn’t merely apply stock solutions to complex challenges, but seeks new ways to enhance the design approach and product performance. The benefits of this innovation and excellence are delivered directly to the company’s clients through more effective solutions and more efficient results.

DEK Technologies’ innovation is producing rewards for clients—by constantly seeking improvements in design, engineering, development methodologies and project management procedures.

Completed Projects

  • Multi-million dollar central processor development project for mobile and fixed line platforms
  • MIMO wireless connectivity FPGA development
  • Gamma ray detector system, >20GFLOPS signal processing algorithm using matrix inversion
  • Multi-processor system design and development using Blade Servers
  • VOIP telephony applications
  • Protocol stack development
  • 3/3.5G (HSDPA) baseband ASIC development for mobile handsets
  • 3G SOC ASIC development
  • Baseband DSP software development for 3G handsets
  • Fault tolerant central processor system design, development and verification
  • High speed data communications chip for multi-processing system
  • Real time router design
  • ATM switch design
  • DSP and embedded development
  • MC68HC11, MC6844, and MC6854 IP core development
  • Traffic load generator for fixed and mobile telephony networks
  • High speed voice/data switch for fixed and mobile telephony systems

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Projects and studies have been undertaken in the following countries