DEK Technologies is committed to a comprehensive Quality Management System. The DEK Technologies Quality Management System complies with the ISO 9001 standard. Certification was first awarded in August 2006 and is maintained to this day.

Quality Policy

The staff and management of DEK fully support our Quality Policy, which states (in part) that:

DEK Technologies provides services that consistently satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers, in order to generate sustained, profitable growth. This is achieved through a structured processes view of our company operations, indexed at the top level by our ‘Quality Management System Manual.’

The cornerstones for DEK’s ongoing success are:iso

  • Highly professional, motivated and competent staff.
  • Thoroughly understanding customer needs and forming long term relationships.
  • Continuous improvement in all aspects of the business, to support ongoing growth.
  • Supportive management that steers the business in a responsible way