DEK Technologies has proven experience in all aspects of End-to-End Project Development, from Initial Design Concept through to Implementation, Verification, Delivery and Customer Field Support. We offer a full range of  services from research and planning through to responsibility for complete turnkey projects on an individual or team-based participation. We offer On-site or Off-site placements in both local and international locations as well as billing on a time-and-materials or fixed-price basis.

Whatever your needs, DEK Technologies can help achieve your business goals

devThe development and delivery of software has matured. Agile and Lean thinking is now more common than ever and encouraging companies to shift focus from optimization of isolated features to value flows, processes and teams that deliver customer value and create benefits. DEK Technologies has years of experience in adapting Agile methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban to develop ways of working that maximise value while reducing risk. This way of working encourages continuous improvement and allows for fast and flexible responses to changing requirements, regardless of the project size.

A Highly Flexible Approach

DEK Technologies provides a combination of services to complement your preferred ways of working:

  • Full range of project involvement through to responsibility for complete turnkey projects
  • Individual or team-based participation
  • Small or large assignments
  • On-site or off-site placements
  • Local and international locations
  • Expertise available for consultation and review through to implementation and beyond
  • Billing on a time-and-materials or fixed-price basis

DEK Business ModelDEK BM

By harnessing its cost effective business model and highly competent staff, DEK Technologies creates innovative end-to-end solutions delivering high quality, dependable results to maximize customer value and flexibility while reducing risk.

The DEK Technologies Business Model creates mixed teams to deliver high value at a lower cost. This proven approach draws on the best mix of people from DEK Technologies’ global offices to meet each client’s business goals.

Proven Track Record

DEK Technologies’ track record has earned recognition from the world’s leading high technology companies and government organisations—a strong endorsement of the company’s proven ability to deliver dependable, cost-effective results time after time.